Tax and Business Consultants

Posted February 23, 2020

WCG (formerly Watson CPA Group) is not only a group of Colorado Springs CPAs or number crunchers- we are tax and business consultants and our firm will take you through the financial cycles of your personal and business lives. Many accountants are only compliance oriented, and while IRS compliance is critical, being proactive is equally important. Not every business runs the same or has the same needs. We want to ask the appropriate questions, listen, and develop a game plan that works for you. Topics such as entity structure, health insurance, retirement planning, executive fringe benefits, 401k and profit sharing plans, educational assistance programs, health reimbursement arrangements and accountable plans are just some of the areas that define the form and function of today’s business. Square pegs don’t go in round holes- we’ll find the right solution for you and your business.

Moreover, our goal at WCG is to always prepare comprehensive and accurate financial reports, filings and tax returns, but equally important is your understanding of how this stuff “works”. To the extent necessary, we want you to be comfortable with your tax and accounting world so together we can successfully plan for your future.

Nationwide Consultants

Yes, we are a bunch of Colorado Springs CPAs but we do most of our business (over 80% in fact) outside of Colorado. How? WCG embraces technology by utilizing secure client portals and online submit forms to exchange documentation. However, we remain committed to direct delivery, face-to-face interactions and personal relationships with our clients. While most of our clients are primarily in California, Nevada, Colorado, Texas, the Midwest, Florida and New England, we serve business owners in all 50 states including Washington D.C.

Join Our Team

WCG is continuously looking for professionals to join our team of business consultants and tax return preparers. We offer benefits such as flexible work hours (including work from home), group health insurance, 401k, disability insurance, cell phone reimbursement, among others. We have a fun atmosphere and are closed on Fridays from mid-April thru mid-August, and mid-October thru Thanksgiving. Here is a link to our current positions and associated riveting job descriptions, plus other interesting things-

Your Team

We have over 30 people working for you; not too big, not too small. Goldilocks would be happy. Additionally, we chop ourselves up into Pods so that each team is functioning as a mini firm within a firm. This allows more intimacy of each client’s unique needs. On the outside, your house is just like anyone else’s house; four walls and a roof. But the colors, floor coverings, furnishes, beer selection, etc. is what makes you unique.

colorado cpaWe have firm-wide systems and procedures to ensure quality and accuracy, but that is simply the foundation for us to build upon. Relationships, closeness, understanding, communication, seeing clients as people, etc. are the things that we remain focused on and dedicated to. We also try to let loose a bit here and there. On Fridays, we have 405’s since drinking before 4:05PM is frowned upon by Tina. We used to shoot dart guns, that just got out of control. Maybe our 405’s will have to be called “tastings” so we remain classy, like San Diego.

WCG also requires all Tax Associates to either be on the CPA track, or obtain the Enrolled Agent (EA) credential within 6 months. We believe this enhances the client’s experience and also shows a commitment of our staff to the accounting industry.

Here is your WCG team (what a good looking bunch!)-

Amazing Client Support Peeps

Cherri Hazlett Lo Res

Cherri Hazlett

Office Manager

Karen Pleshek Lo Res

Karen Pleshek

Client Support

Amy Cooley Lo Res

Amy Cooley

Client Support

Christi Norman Lo Res

Christi Norman

Payroll Manager

Kate Wraight Lo Res

Kate Wraight

Tax Associate I

Chelsea Ryan Lo Res

Chelsea Ryan

Tax Associate I

Pod A

Tina Watson Lo Res

Tina Watson, CPA, CFP

Senior Partner

Rachael Weber Lo Res

Rachael Weber, CPA

Tax Manager

Terry Bryan Lo Res

Terry Bryan, CPA

Tax Senior

Lana Rollins Lo Res

Lana Rollins

Tax Senior

Emily Roberts Lo Res

Emily Roberts

Tax Associate II

Jacob Lutz Lo Res

Jacob Lutz

Tax Associate II

Pod B

Michelle Day Lo Res

Michelle Day, EA


tax manager cpa

Rock Star CPA or EA

Tax Manager

Melody Jones Lo Res

Melody Jones, EA

Tax Senior

Stephanie Torgerson Lo Res

Stephanie Torgerson, EA

Tax Associate II

Roberta Bertrand Lo Res

Roberta Bertrand, EA

Tax Associate II

Andy Kimbrell Lo Res

Andy Kimbrell, CPA

Tax Associate II

Joab Rolfe Lo Res

Joab Rolfe

Tax Associate II

Pod C

Sally Rhoades Lo Res

Sally Rhoades, CPA, CFP


Santiago Norte Lo Res

Santiago Norte, EA

Tax Senior

Jerrod Aud Lo Res

Jerrod Aud

Tax Associate II

Joseph Bassett Lo Res

Joseph Basset, EA

Tax Associate II

Sam Pfennigs Lo Res

Sam Pfennigs

Tax Associate II

Nate Cockle Lo Res

Nate Cockle, CPA

Tax Associate II

Business Development

Jason Watson Lo Res

Jason Watson, CPA

Managing Partner

Amanda Rowles Lo Res

Amanda Rowles, EA

Business Development

Latesha Anderson Lo Res

Latesha Anderson

Brand Ambassador

Gil Dyer Lo Res

Gil Dyer

Admin Assistant

Kelli Harless Lo Res

Kelli Harless

Communications Chief

wcg rfeviews
October 18, 2019

Our Expectations of Clients

It might seem a bit audacious that this section is titled Our Expectations of Clients. However, we don’t believe the customer is always right (there are plenty of grumpy people out there). Our current clients demand our full attention (and they get it); therefore they do not want us distracted with bad relationships. Globally, we select our clients on two important criteria. First, we expect our clients to be open, honest and responsive in communication. Second, we only accept clients who view our partnership as a collaboration, where our challenges and successes are shared. But! We fully understand that taxes and consulting are a people business, and two people at times are not a good fit. As such, we have at times moved clients to another team in search of the right interpersonal connection. Click on the button below to learn more about our client reviews and how we define ideal client relationships.


October 25, 2019 Almost done!


Our address is 2393 Flying Horse Club Drive, Colorado Springs, CO, 80921 which is located on the southwest corner of Highway 83 and the entrance into The Club at Flying Horse. Our office is a 6,500 square foot single-user building designed and owned by Jason and Tina Watson, and leased back to WCG Inc. Come on by… we have a wine refrigerator located in our social lounge and a heated back patio. A Pac-Man / Galaga machine is “saved for later” in Jason’s Amazon shopping cart. He asked Tina back in September, the crazy idea hasn’t seasoned yet enough for Tina to say OK.