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Tax Return Extension

tax return extensionPosted Fri, January 3, 2020

Please click on the buttons below and complete the following form to provide authorization for us to extend your business and individual tax returns.

Be aware! An extension is an extension to file not to pay. Therefore, if you have a tax liability, it is still due on April 15 2020 for individuals and C corporations, and March 15, 2020 for partnerships and S corporations. We can assist with estimated tax payments if necessary.

All extended business and individual tax returns will be prepared in May or June provided we have everything we need from you. Our turnaround time increases to 12-15 days during the off-season to accommodate for mental breaks and vacations. So! If you are extending your pass-thru entity such as a partnership (Form 1065) or an S corporation (Form 1120S), then you will also need to extend your individual tax returns (Form 1040). Recall that a pass-thru entity creates a K-1 which must be reported on all owners’ individual tax returns and as such the business entity tax return must be prepared and filed first.