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Tax Return Preparation Portal

Posted Wed, July 8, 2020

Welcome to the Tax Center Portal! Everything you need from tax return preparation for your small business to your rental to your corporation is here. Need to track your refund? Want the latest in tax rates? Need tax help with an audit or just basic consultation, that’s here too!

Tax Return Preparation Housekeeping

Before we blast off into the wild tax yonder, here are some tax preparation housekeeping things including team profiles, fee information (transparency!), engagement agreements, tax consultation and a whole bunch of other things.

Business Tax Return Preparation

Click on the buttons below to review our business entity tax return procedures for partnerships (Form 1065) and corporations (Form 1120 and Form 1120S) including checklists and other helpful information. Individual tax return preparation is next!

Individual Tax Return Preparation

Click on the buttons below to review our individual tax return (Form 1040) procedures and general fees, including small business owners (Scheduled C), rental property owners (Schedule E) and expats (Form 2555).

Tax Consultation

Do you have questions about taxes and tax deductions? Are you selling a rental and need some tax planning? Do you want WCG to prepare your tax returns and have some procedural questions? Let’s chat!



    Our consultation fee is $250 for 40 minutes with a Partner or an experienced Tax Manager. If we decide to press forward with a Business Advisory or Tax Patrol Services engagement, we will credit the consultation fee towards those services. If you don’t need convincing and already want our services and you simply have some housekeeping questions, we answer those at no charge. Charging a consult fee to tell you how great we are is not cool.


    Consultations are scheduled on weekdays during the work day. Yes, we can accommodate other days and after-hours, but those are reluctantly agreed to after some eye-rolling and complaining. Additionally, our schedules are more compressed during January through April. Consultations are designed to


    • Provide instruction and offer solid guidance on most tax matters.

    • Determine if we are a good fit for each other, and how an engagement with our team looks.

    • Refer you to other professionals should WCG be unable to help directly.

    Shockingly we actually return all consultation requests via email or perhaps a phone call (if the moment strikes us). No black holes here!

    Tax Center Resources

    Here are some additional tax center resources that you might find useful. You can track the progress of your tax returns within WCG, authorize eFiling, make payment for your tax return preparation fee and track your refunds from the IRS and state taxing authorities below.We can also model your income and tax consequence scenarios, and play what-if games. Don’t forget our August and November financial tune-ups and tax planning.

    Client Reviews and Expectations

    When doing business either online or face-to-face, you want peace of mind that things will go smoothly. Furthermore, if things don’t go as planned, then you want comfort in knowing they will be taken care of. WCG (formerly Watson CPA Group) takes customer service and satisfaction very seriously.

    Tax Audit Representation

    We can provide tax and business consultation, plus represent you in IRS audits. We can also resolve prior tax problems by working with IRS agents to reach settlements. Let us be your advocate, and get things on the right track!

    WCG is full service tax return preparation, accounting and consultation firm, and we look forward to working with you!