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Karlee Tiesler, Director

Karlee grew up in Maryland, then in northern, and southwest Minnesota through high school where she took her first accounting class as a Junior. She was dead-set on being an architect at that point. Ahhh how the turn tables. She went to Mitchell Tech College and enjoyed additional classes in accounting and Business Law (especially the mock trial).

Here at WCG she’s our go-to for all things QuickBooks and Payroll. She loves to do cleanups and QuickBooks consulting. “It’s like getting to do a puzzle (which I love puzzles).”

She’s been married to her high school sweetheart, Luke, for 10 years now, and they have 3 daughters (Kyleigh, Peyton, and Evelyn) and 3 dogs (Zoey, Kato, and Gracie) along with lots if farm cats (not sure what their names are).

She plays volleyball in the winter, in summer she golfs, fishes, and camps, and in the fall it’s all hunting!