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efile authorization

eFile Authorization

Do you remember those days when tax professionals would charge for eFiling? Probably made sense at the time. Anyway… WCG must electronically file all tax returns. Section 6011(e)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code requires specified tax return preparers to electronically file certain federal income tax returns if they prepare more than 100 tax returns annually.

Congratulations! You are almost one with all this hoopla. The IRS and most states continue to increase security in an attempt to curb identity theft. In the past we used a straightforward digital form to authorize the electronic filing of your tax returns; this year we have activated the electronic signature feature of our tax software which also includes those annoying Knowledge-Based Authentication (KBA) questions like which street did you grow up on and which car did you own.

This page is divided into two categories; individual tax returns (Form 1040) and business entity tax returns (Form 1065, 1120, 1120S, 990).

Warning! If you recently sent us changes or additional information, DO NOT give us authorization to eFile until you’ve received the updated tax returns.

Individual Tax Returns

There are two ways to authorize the electronic filing of your individual tax returns (Form 1040 plus the state equivalents).

  1. Electronic Signature Process
  2. Print, Sign, Scan and Upload the Forms

Electronic Signature Process
Two tax return copies are provided for your review, one password protected PDF copy is emailed to you, and another PDF copy is uploaded to your client portal. In addition to the emailed copy, another email is sent by our tax software which allows you to complete the electronic signature process. We can always re-send if you cannot find this email from way back when. Yes, if you are married, both parties must separately receive the electronic signature email.

Print, Sign, Scan and Upload the Forms
This process is expanded below.

Business Entity Tax Returns

Printing, signing and uploading the eFile authorization forms is only one way to authorize the electronic filing of your business entity tax returns (Form 1065, 1120, 1120S, 990 plus the state equivalents). We guess they cannot ask a business entity about which street it grew up on or which city it has lived in. Bummer.

Print, Sign, Scan, Upload

Sounds easy, right!? Of course it does. A PDF titled “Action Required” was emailed to you alongside your tax returns, and a copy was uploaded to your client portal. Below is a snippet of Jason and Tina’s client portal highlighting the Action Required PDF. If we showed you the modified date, it would read September 9, 2019. Yeah, no self-respecting CPA files his or her own tax returns on time! Clients first!This is a 10-12 page PDF containing important instructions such as-efile authorization

1. Which bank account your tax refund is going into (should you be receiving one),

2. How to make tax payments (again, should you be required to),

3. Estimated tax payments, both individual and business if applicable,

efile authorizationand…

4. The forms to print, sign, scan and upload to your client portal. Form 8879 and its variants for business entities is the IRS authorization form. Click here to see a sample of this form. If you use Adobe as your PDF reader, you should also bookmarks to help you navigate.

Each state is different of course; California calls theirs Form 8879 but Colorado calls theirs Form DR 1778 or DR 8453. Most states use 8879 which is nice. Also, you might see Form 8453; this is used when a taxpayer PIN has not been entered into the electronic record but it serves the same purpose as Form 8879.

What about business entity tax returns? Those are eerily similar. Form 8879-S is for S Corporations (1120S), Form 8879-P is for Partnerships (1065), and Form 8879-C is for… well… yup, you guessed it, Corporations (1120).efile authorization

To the right is a snippet of Watson CPA Group (before our name change to WCG). You can see a PDF titled “K1 Package” which is for our amazing shareholder, Tina, follower by the tax return itself, and then the Action Required PDF.

Need more help? Below is a short set of instructions similar to this, but with fancier pictures, arrows and other eye-catching colors to help you out. Sample forms are also included with signature areas highlighted.

efile authorizationImportant! If you get confused or have questions, that is okay! Please call us at 719-387-9800 and one of our super helpful Client Support peeps or Tax Associates will walk you thru it. Easy. Like Staples Easy.