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Alida Johnson, Payroll Specialist

Alida was born in New Jersey but grew up in Puerto Rico. As a kid she was an avid book reader but also loved venturing to the outdoors. Between hiking the mountains, swimming in the rivers and beaches and climbing trees in the country, she took in the mountain views in Puerto Rico.

She has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, a Master’s degree in Management and Leadership and a Master’s degree in Marketing. Ironically, her favorite subjects were English Literature, Humanities and Psychology courses. She chose accounting because she enjoys working with numbers, analyzing data and having structure.

Her passions are traveling, photography, live music, musicals and she is also a big foodie. She also enjoys hiking, skiing, and kayaking. Her favorite books to read are suspense and murder mysteries. She played the violin as a kid and would love to learn to play piano or guitar. She also served in the United States Air Force for 20 years.