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Social Hour

Posted Tue, June 2, 2020

Your tax and business consultation buddies at WCG try to let loose from time to time, and interact with each other on a social level. Tax season can be intense! But the struggle… the pain… the bad hair week… is what build the ties that bind. There isn’t a successful team on the planet that hasn’t bonded while traveling on the road to success. From time to time, and perhaps more than the Partners would like, we get together socially to share some food, some booze and tell embellished tales… “there I was… in the 1040 jungle… faced with a home office deduction. It was just me and the deduction… alone… staring at each other.” “Okay, Frances, lighten up.”

Tax Party

No tax season would be complete with out a little bit of celebration! The WCG team recently gathered to wind down from a successful tax season. Jason Watson and Jason Schneider cooked quesadillas for everyone, with chips, salsa and queso on the side.  The team took some time to chat and bond with one another, while also enjoying mimosas and margaritas. The celebration continued as the firm closed for the rest of the week for some much needed R&R.


During tax season we would break out the chips and salsa, and whatever Jason was putting together for a 3:01 on Fridays to blow off a little steam. Grapefruit infused bourbon with sour was a hit. Cucumber vodka Moscow mules was another crowd pleaser. Don’t get the pineapple infused vodka (see below)! Why 3:01PM? Well, according to Tina, drinking before 3:00PM is frowned upon in this establishment.

As WCG matured and things changed, we had to move from 3:01PM to 4:05PM. The perils of corporate evolution. Why 4:05? This was named after a large hallway that connected two suites in our old building… we had five people working in there, and there was a continuous flow of foot traffic, and therefore we dubbed the space “The 405.” Next thing you know, we’re naming our happy hour 4:05.

Calendar invites go out for a celebration in our social lounge where we have four high top tables with chairs, plus a heated covered patio. Clients are always welcome of course! From time to time we make the calendar invite be eastern time to get our 4:05 on a little early.

wcg social hour
wcg social hour

Pineapple Vodka

Isn’t this just fun to look at? We found a cool a jar, two 1.75 liters of Tito’s and three pineapples to make some pineapple infused vodka. It takes about 30 days to make… our next batch will be ready right around July 15.

The vodka is yummy… no doubt. Just chill with shaved in a shaker and pour into your favorite martini glass. But… what is really is yummy is the pineapple. We cut up some of the pieces, sprinkle sugar on them and stick them toothpicks for easy consumption.

Limit two pineapple chunks per person because they will mess you up in a hurry. Maybe three.

Grink BBQ

Like any team, we like to make up words… like Grink… which a combination of Green and Pink. When a tax return “job” is coded Grink, it is ready for e-filing. Yay! And… we also create t-shirts for each summer and again in the fall / winter. Last winter was a WCG favorite, “Disguised Disorganization” which refers to a client who appears organized where the painted rust is truly is a disguise for disorganization (but we love you just the same). This year we were running short on ideas, so we came up with our Grink t-shirt.

Here is a quick video of WCG doing what we truly do best… eating and laughing with each other. Enjoy!

Also, it looks like “Misrepresented Organization” is going to be the Winter 2020 t-shirt… stay tuned for those pics!

WCG is a full service consultation and tax preparation firm, and we look forward to working with you! Stop by and visit, and we’ll have a beer with you too…