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Founded by Tina and Jason Watson, WCG Inc. (formerly Watson CPA Group) has provided worldwide business consulting and tax preparation from our Colorado Springs CPA office since 2007. Given our unique expertise and the efficiency of virtual relationships, our clients are primarily in California, Nevada, Colorado, Texas, the Midwest, Florida and New England. This makes sense given the GDP producers for the country reside in the same areas. We also have several expats operating domestic businesses from overseas!

We use secure client portals to safely exchange financial information, giving you access to excellent service and advice, while saving you time and resources. In-person appointments are nice, even better with donuts, but are not required. Yes, hugs and handshakes cannot be replaced, but phone calls, emails and video-conferencing allow great communication without chewing up a bunch of your time. Over 80% of our business clients are outside of Colorado!

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Tina Watson, CPA
Senior Partner

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Sally Rhoades, CPA

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Jason Watson, CPA
Managing Partner

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Michelle Day, EA

Business Formation

Business consultation, formation, entity structures, late S Corp elections back to January 2018. [more]

Business Support

Reasonable salary calcs, Section 199A deduction, tax planning and tax return preparation. [more]

Tax Center

Tax preparation checklists, timelines & fees for your business or rental property tax returns. [more]

Tax Support

Client portal access, make a payment, eFile authorizations, and extensions. [more]

School House

Read our Book, KB articles and blog posts to learn more about taxes and how they affect your world. [more]

About Us & More

Smiling faces and bios, transparent fee structure, and other things that we do. [more]

Consultative Approach

How are we different? Easy! We take a consultative approach to our client relationships. We have the experience of a downtown firm without the stuffiness. WCG (formerly Watson CPA Group) will be your advocate by putting you in a position to make informed decisions by leveraging our professional network of knowledgeable Colorado CPAs, corporate and estate planning attorneys, and Certified Financial Planners to work in concert for you. Why play messenger when we can bring this service spectrum under one roof? Plus, our firm will be your point of contact as you travel through the cycles of your personal and business lives. Many accountants and business consultants are only compliance-oriented, and while government and IRS compliance is critical, being proactive is equally important. Some firms have this depth, yet very few offer a consultative approach beyond the nuts and bolts of accounting and business tax return preparation. Note how accounting and bookkeeping are not mentioned-we are focused on consultation, planning and tax return preparation, and therefore we have partnered with third party bookkeepers to provide these services. Below are some checklists and agendas that we routinely discuss with our small business owners and tax clients.

What We Do

With over 30 full-time professionals including Certified Public Accountants (CPA), Enrolled Agents (EA), Certified Financial Planners (CFP) and a whole gaggle of wonderful support staff on our team, WCG (formerly Watson CPA Group) consults with small business owners and tax clients on riveting topics like these-

  • corporate structures for tax efficiency, flexibility and protection
  • S corp elections (even late S corp election back to January 1 2019)
  • Tax Cuts & Jobs Act of 2017 and pass-thru tax breaks (Section 199A Qualified Business Income Deduction)
  • reasonable shareholder salary determinations and defense
  • tax advocacy, strategies and planning (bad news in August, OK… surprises in April, bad)
  • business coaching to leverage more for you and your family, including lovely yet detached children
  • industry analysis and peer to peer comparison
  • executive and fringe benefits
  • retirement planning (SEP IRA v. 401k, defined benefits and cash balance plans)
  • business valuations, buy-sell support and exit strategies
  • financial expert testimony, divorce litigation support
  • tax representation (happy happy joy joy)

Core Competencies

Outside of typical business services, consultation and tax preparation, we have focused on three niche competencies for our group of Colorado Springs CPAs and business advisors.

  • Small business administration including S Corp elections and tax planning
  • Rental properties, including investing strategies and management consultation
  • Expatriates, or Expats for short, including foreign earned income exclusion

We protect the fortress by not doing everything, but everything we do, we do very well. We also leave room for the individual tax client who does not own a business but has complex tax issues needing expertise and wealth management. In general our client base is primarily comprised of consultants, engineers, financial advisors, physicians, chiropractors, doctors, surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurse anesthetists, insurance agents, photographers (the profitable ones), attorneys, online retailers, FBA retailers, real estate agents, good old fashioned widget makers, among several others. We also have several medical groups and financial advisor teams operating a tiered entity arrangement where each individual owns an S corporation. [more]


We are not salespeople; we are consultants. We are not putting lipstick on a pig expecting you to love it. Our job remains being professionally detached, giving you information and letting you decide.

We see far too many crazy schemes and half-baked ideas from attorneys and wealth managers. In some cases, they are good ideas. In most cases, all the entities, layering and mixed ownership is only the illusion of precision. As Chris Rock says, just because you can drive your car with your feet doesn’t make it a good idea. In other words, let’s not automatically convert “you can” into “you must.” Yes, it is fun to brag about how complicated your world is at cocktail parties, but let’s not unnecessarily complicate it for the bragging rights. Let’s be smart about it.

Simple Fee Ranges

WCG (formerly Watson CPA Group) prides itself in being transparent by having a simple and reasonable fee structure. Straight billable hours? Gone. Fees based on the number of tax forms? Not us. While some projects cannot be firmly quoted, most business services and tax return preparation will fit into our published fee ranges. What CPA firm publishes their fees? Very few!

We do not nickel and dime our client relationships. Extra time spent today is easily forgotten tomorrow. Having said that, we only have time on this earth to sell and we cannot inventory it. Number one rule in business; you cannot let your customers not let you make a living.

Expectations of Our Clients

We select our clients on two important criteria. First, we expect our clients to be open, honest and responsive in communication. Second, we prefer to work with clients who view our partnership as a collaboration, where our challenges and successes are shared. Unlike transactional relationships, we’d rather work with you than for you. Having said that, we understand some people just want a transactional ‘latte’ and don’t want to get too involved with steaming the milk- that is OK too… we make an amazing latte. [more]

Let us work together to develop and implement a proactive yet nimble plan for your future!

Thank you for visiting… WCG (formerly Watson CPA Group)

Tina Watson has been my accountant since the mid-90’s when I returned from a year in South Korea and had to deal with overseas taxes in addition to my normal 1041. I had originally taken my paperwork to a local H&R Block office and they weren’t able to complete all the tax forms properly. I found Tina and she prepared my taxes that year, walking me through the process so that I understood what she was doing and why. She was friendly and professional and I’ve stuck with her ever since. I was thrilled when WCG (formerly Watson CPA Group) was able to expand and hire staff; the turnaround time to calls and emails is now much shorter during tax season. In addition, they’re conveniently located in an area I frequent often so it’s never a problem to stop in with questions or to drop off paperwork. I’ve recommended several small business owners as well as friends and family to Watson CPA and will continue using them, myself, for as long as they’re in business.
Erica O.
Google Review
I’ve been using WCG (formerly Watson CPA Group) for over 5 years now for both my personal and business tax work as well as for monthly bookkeeping on my insurance agency and rental property. I am also an airline pilot.

Their unique understanding of how my income from a mix of my business, airline and investment income has been invaluable.

Tina Watson works with me closely on both tax reporting and tax planning, and Jason Watson works with me often consulting on business decisions.

The team approach of WCG (formerly Watson CPA Group) makes my life very simple in many ways.

Thanks Tina, Jason and your incredible team!

Steve D.
Google Review
I am new to WCG (formerly Watson CPA Group), but they have been an incredible resource. Their team is well versed in all areas of accounting and finance. The account setup process has been thorough and professional. I am very impressed with the systems and security they have in place. Everyone I’ve spoken to has been kind, knowledgeable and willing to work around my schedule. They have been patient, answered all of my questions and taken the time to help me understand concepts I was unfamiliar with. I very much look forward to a long business relationship with this wonderful group of people.
Ryan N.
Google Review
We came to Watson CPA with a huge mess and a giant amount of frustration with taxes for our small business. These guys rock! They walked us through fixing years of old mess from our previous accountant and set us up for success in the future. Between tax preparation, quarterly filing, payroll, and biyearly talks with Jason to make sure every other nuance is put in place (oh did I mention help with quickbooks??) we feel prepared for our financial future. Although I don’t like paying taxes, it is no longer a four letter word in our house and I know I’m not paying more than we have to. This is the best team to have in your corner as a small business in a messy financial world. Bonus: the price is amazing for the quality and work you get.
Mary M.
Google Review
Having someone as reliable, flexible, and convenient as WCG (formerly Watson CPA Group) to depend on for whatever situation I end up in is really awesome. Everything is done online, I just uploaded spreadsheets, PDF’s, or even cell phone photos of documents. It doesn’t matter what state you live in, your resident/citizen status, or even what country you live in if you’re an expat US citizen, Watson CPA has got you covered.

I’ve been using Watson CPA for a few years. I originally contacted them to explore my options for self-employment when I took a consulting gig. I wanted someone that was online and not location-dependent in case I move out of country or to another state. I was living in New York City at the time. Jason called me and we decided an S-Corp was my best option. They took care of all the paperwork and I felt the price was reasonable. In addition they took care of my payroll taxes and quarterly filing. Paying them to do it was totally worth it so I could focus on my business.

Augustina R.
Google Review
WCG (formerly Watson CPA Group) is such an awesome team to work with! Everyone is so kind and helpful, and I love their a-la-carte pricing, where you only pay for what you need, and the pricing is very straight forward. We have used them for our Corporation taxes and for business advice, and find that they are very knowledgeable and have our best interests in mind. They also have a very good system to remind you of when things are due and to ensure everything is completed. I’ve worked with Sally a lot during the tax process, and she is awesome! I have enjoyed every interaction with her. She has answered all of my questions thoroughly and is great at what she does!
BFP Admin
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