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Business Formation Services Portal

Posted Saturday, August 26, 2023

Welcome to the Business Formation Services and S Corp Formation Portal! Everything you need to help you launch your new business entity from business entity selection to multiple-entity business structures. Should you select an LLC or a Corporation? Are you considering an S Corp election? What about adding your spouse to the business? What about a holding company?

Worried about long-distance relationships? Most of our clients are primarily in California, Nevada, Colorado, Texas, the Midwest, Florida and New England, but we serve business owners in all 50 states. Long distance is a snap, and we can easily be your online tax accountant!

Business Formation and Considerations

Get your business on the right track, right away. Let us discuss the proper business entity type and structure for your needs and goals. No, we don’t want to unnecessarily complicate the heck out of things, but we need to design something that not only works today but is also something that is malleable as your world changes.

S Corp Formation

Recall that an S Corp formation does not truly exist; rather it is a tax election on an underlying entity. Also keep in mind that without an S corporation election a typical LLC’s net business income after expenses will be subjected to 15.3% self-employment tax plus income taxes ranging from 10% to 37%. Yuck! And, a C corporation will have a 21% tax rate plus a possible 23.8% dividend tax rate. Is an S Corp election right for you? What about the S Corporation vs C Corporation debate? Who knows! Let’s find out…

Business Consultation

Click on the buttons below to read about our business consultation services including Periodic Business Reviews and Year-End Tax Planning. Anyone can balance a checkbook or put the right numbers on a tax return, but proper consultation is necessary to stay ahead of the tax obligations and understand business nuances.

Business Formation Consultation

After you formed your business, and just like King George in Hamilton, you might be asking yourself, “Now what?” Do you need help with determining a reasonable shareholder salary? Worried about your tax consequence? Very few things worse than having money in the bank but not knowing what is yours, and what is the IRS’s. Let’s chat and get that stuff figured out so you can sell widgets while we help administer the business.



    Our consultation fee is $250 for 40 minutes with a Partner or an experienced Tax Manager. If we decide to press forward with a Business Advisory or Tax Patrol Services engagement, we will credit the consultation fee towards those services. If you don’t need convincing and already want our services and you simply have some housekeeping questions, we answer those at no charge. Charging a consult fee to tell you how great we are is not cool.


    Consultations are scheduled on weekdays during the work day. Yes, we can accommodate other days and after-hours, but those are reluctantly agreed to after some eye-rolling and complaining. Additionally, our schedules are more compressed during January through April. Consultations are designed to


    • Provide instruction and offer solid guidance on most tax matters.

    • Determine if we are a good fit for each other, and how an engagement with our team looks.

    • Refer you to other professionals should WCG be unable to help directly.

    Shockingly we actually return all consultation requests via email or perhaps a phone call (if the moment strikes us). No black holes here!

    Business Entity Tax Return Preparation

    Click on the buttons below to jump to our Business Services Portal which includes tax preparation, corporate and partnership tax returns procedures, and general fees. A checklist and our online submit form for compiling your business activities is included. The obnoxious purple button below in honor of Prince is our Getting Started page for business entities for partnerships (Form 1065), corporations (Form 1120) and S Corps (Form 1120S).

    Client Reviews and Expectations

    When doing business, either online or face-to-face, you want peace of mind that things will go smoothly. Furthermore, if things don’t go as planned, then you want comfort in knowing they will be taken care of. WCG takes customer service and satisfaction very seriously.

    WCG is a full service tax preparation, accounting and small business consultation firm, and business formation including S Corp formation are core competencies of ours. We look forward to working with you!