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Business Consultants

Posted Wed, July 24, 2019

WCG (formerly Watson CPA Group) are tax and business consultants, not just number crunchers or bookkeepers. Anyone can balance a checkbook. Anyone can print a paycheck. Anyone can put the right number in the right blanks. But as tax and business consultants, we offer so much more-

Team Approach

We currently have over 25 business professionals including CPAs, EAs and CFPs on our team. This depth is an incredible benefit to our clients, providing excellent resources and peace of mind. We maintain extensive notes and procedures tailored to you and your business.

Corporate Structure Options, Holding Companies

LLCs, partnerships, S Corps, C Corps all have their place. And what works today might not work tomorrow. We project your needs and remain nimble to making improvements to your long-term strategy.

Business Coaching, Advising

We are business minded consultants. We have learned that business owners are excellent at making widgets, but they commonly need help and advice on administering the business and getting the most out of it. We offer an objective perspective.

Industry Research

How does your business compare to others in your industry? We provide graphical representations of your financials as compared to your peers, and compared to yourself historically. Numbers are meaningless without comparison and understanding.

Executive Fringe Benefits

We can help design medical reimbursement plans, employee benefits such as ESOPs, educational assistance programs, 401ks, family assistance, etc. We help you use more of the business resources to provide benefits to you, your family and your staff.

Retirement and Estate Planning

We will coordinate with your financial advisor and estate attorney to ensure a comprehensive strategy is being implemented. Far too often, financial advisors and attorneys do not fully understand the long-term ramifications of today’s decisions from the combined wealth building and tax saving perspective.

Exit Strategies, Business Valuation

Businesses are easy to start yet hard to end. Do you need a death, divorce or incapacitation clause with your partners? How do you sell internally? When do you sell? Continuity is important for business owners’ long-term wealth building and preservation.

Income Modeling, Estimated Payments, Planning

We will model different income scenarios based on possible tax moves, retirement planning, projected business profits and your yearly goals. This also includes modifying estimated tax payments to help with budgeting. We create mock tax returns throughout the year for review.

Audit Guidance, Representation

We stand by you, and vigorously defend your position during all audits and representations. Our staff has long professional relationships with local IRS and state revenue agents. Being able to resolve issues and discrepancies quickly is a superior benefit to you.