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business formation

Business Formation Fees

Posted Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Here are the formation fees by each state for domestic limited liability companies (LLCs) and corporations, including foreign entity registrations. Domestic and foreign does not mean U.S. and international… it is stated based. Wal-Mart is a foreign entity in Colorado since they are domiciled in Arkansas. Typically you will register your business where your butt resides or where you do substantially all the work. State nexus issues and state income tax sourcing is complicated, and we can certainly help.

For now, here are the formation fees to get your business registered with the Secretary of State. Our fee is $425 plus the fees below… if you need an initial report or something similar (California, Nevada, etc.) then our fee is $100 plus the fee for filing the report. If you have foreign owners (ie, not U.S. citizens or non-resident aliens), then our fee is $750 plus the fees below.

We have also included an Annual Fee amount below. Be careful with this! There are multiple sources of annual fees; first is the Secretary of State and second could be a Department of Revenue or some other taxing agency. For example, California’s annual report with the Secretary of State is $20 but California’s Franchise Tax Board also charges a minimum franchise tax of $800. Therefore, your minimum cash out of pocket would be $820 but being paid to different recipients. Other states such as Delaware, New Mexico, New York and Texas are similar.

State Filing Fees

StateDomestic LLCDomestic CorpForeign EntityAnnual FeeExtra Crud
Alaska250250350100, due every 2 years
Arizona8595185NAPublication fee of 299 for either entity
California751457020, plus franchise tax
Delaware145145250NA, but annual tax
District of Columbia220220220300, due every 2 years
Georgia10010022550C Corp publication fee of 199
Idaho1001011200, still need to file report
Indiana10010012520, due every 2 years
Iowa505010045, due every 2 years
Louisiana10510015035Notary fee of 19
Minnesota1601602050, still need to file report
Mississippi50502500, still need to file report
Nebraska1256512010, due every 2 yearsPublication of 199 for either entity
New Hampshire100100100100
New Jersey12812812575
New Mexico50100100NA, but franchise tax
New York2101452509, due every 2 yearsLLC publication fee varies by county
North Carolina125125250202
North Dakota13510013550
Pennsylvania12512525070, due every 10 yearsC Corp publication fee of 399
Rhode Island15623015050
South Carolina146135110NA, unless taxed as an S Corp
South Dakota15015075050
Texas3103107500, still need to file report, possible franchise tax
West Virginia1328215025
Wyoming10310310052 minimum

Additional Resources

Business formations can appear straightforward, but there can be some pitfalls. Which entity should you select? Does it matter if you are in California when choosing between an LLC or Professional Corporation (spoiler, it does)? The first button below will go through various business entity types and review the benefits of each.

Next is a multiple entity arrangements. Are you going into business with someone else? How do you want to share profits? Or… do you own equipment or real estate that you want to lease back to your business?

The last button is about operating agreements which are not as critical for a single-member limited liability company (SMLLC)… but if you have partners beyond a spouse, then there are some serious things to consider. Check out these additional resources.

Business Formation Consultation

Do you still have business formation questions? Not sure which state you have nexus in? Still confused on S corporations, and how that factors into forming an LLC or corporation? Let’s chat!

Our fee is $150 for 40 minutes (such a deal for you!). If we decide to press forward with an engagement, we will credit the $150 towards future services. If you don’t need convincing and already want our services such as business tax return preparation or S Corporation subscription package, and you simply have some housekeeping questions, we answer those at no charge. Charging a consult fee to tell you how great we are is not cool.


Consultations are scheduled on weekdays during the work day. Yes, we can accommodate other days and after-hours, but those are reluctantly agreed to after some eye-rolling and complaining. We will answer your questions to determine three things-


  • Do you need our help?
  • Can WCG and its support staff help you?
  • Can we work together as a collaborative partnership?

From there we can determine the best plan which might be a simple "keep on keeping on"; otherwise we will construct a malleable plan together and provide a quote for those services.


Shockingly we actually return all consultation requests via email and phone call. No black holes here!