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Nate Cockle, CPA, Staff Accountant III

Hailing from Tucson, Arizona, Nate moved to Golden, Colorado, in high school where he played soccer. He went to the University of Colorado at Boulder and enjoyed business classes like accounting, finance and marketing.

Nate owned his own business for many years before deciding to return to accounting. He likes being able to provide solutions to problems and advising people on their financial questions and decisions. He looks forward to working with individuals, corporations and expats! Looks like he is in the right place!

When he is not at WCG, he enjoys watching sports, golfing, hiking, and spending time with his wife of nearly 18 years and his 9-year-old daughter. They are looking to get a dog later this year. His daughter has other plans though. She also wants a turtle, but they haven’t taken that plunge.