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Engagement Agreement Received

engagement agreementWe have received your engagement agreement. Thank you!

Here is a timeline of what to expect. Life is all about managing expectations and we attempt to do that here-

  1. You send us your tax stuff and we alert you through an email and a text message that it is received.
  2. A tax admin reviews it for obvious missing information or items, and contacts you if necessary.
  3. Your file is assigned to a tax pod based on legacy for returning clients or type and complexity for new clients. We also alert you with an email and a text message.
  4. Your Staff Accountant and Tax Manager prepare your tax returns. Fun!
  5. If there are questions or clarifications needed, the Tax Manager contacts you via email or telephone call. You are also alerted with a text message.
  6. If your tax returns are ready for review, we send a secure and redacted PDF copy via email, upload the same to your client portal and alert you with a text message.

If you have questions or comments, you can email those directly by replying to the email containing your tax return or contact your Tax Manager directly. We always want you to understand your tax returns and feel comfortable about the information being filed. For a scheduled tax return review, we typically allocate about 15-20 minutes for individual tax returns, and 30-40 minutes for partnership and corporate tax returns.

Visit our Get Started page below to… well… get started on gathering your tax stuff!

Also… Relationships are primarily about communication, right? This is optional, but if you can spare a few minutes please review and complete our simple digital form outlining your communication preferences. We might still leave wet towels on the floor, but at least we’ll be better with our communications.