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Colorado Divorce Lawyers

colorado divorce lawyers

Posted September 24, 2018

Where do you turn to find compassionate Colorado divorce lawyers? It might seem odd that WCG (formerly Watson CPA Group) has several web pages dedicated to divorce, but the reality is that most divorces focus on the money and finances. So, it makes sense that a public accounting firm with several CPAs who grew up loving numbers and putting financial puzzles together also focuses on helping couples get divorced. However, and this is a big however, most divorcing couples need divorce lawyers to work closely with their certified divorce financial analyst.

WCG (formerly Watson CPA Group) works with divorce lawyers all over the country including the front range Colorado cities of Boulder, Denver, Colorado Springs and Pueblo. We directly assist attorneys in generating financial reports and supporting divorce documents. You should seek out an attorney who you feel comfortable with by asking friends, family or colleagues. This might sound crazy, but you should interview at least three. Just because your buddy down the hall recommended a particular divorce attorney and raves about the results, your situation will be unique.

Regardless, divorce attorneys commonly believe they do not need financial experts to assist in a divorce- it is simply not true. Marriage is all about love, and divorce is all about money. Therefore, in our professional opinion, we suggest that you request your divorce lawyer seek collaboration with financial experts, divorce CPAs, insurance specialists, mortgage lenders and estate planning attorneys to ensure all your objectives are being met. The cool thing is that WCG (formerly Watson CPA Group) has all these professionals under one roof who will work closely with your attorney to be your advocate. This allows us to operate in concert as a team to help with divorce issues and more importantly, life after divorce matters.

Interview Questions for a Divorce Attorney

So how do you pick a Colorado divorce lawyer? After you’ve exhausted all your circles of trust with this highly touchy question, you can expand your choices and plug in divorce lawyers Colorado Springs to get a bunch of results. What’s your next step? First thing, request a complimentary consultation.

This consultation is designed to do two things. Can you work together? Remember, a divorce is a collaborative effort among several people- divorce attorneys, financial analysts, tax professionals who understand divorce taxation, insurance specialists, mortgage lenders, mediators and you! A divorce is not something you punt into the hands of someone else. It stinks. It sucks the life out of you. It is painful. But you’ll get through it, and the team of professionals you hire will walk with you through the process, as one.

The other thing a complimentary divorce consult should do is give you confidence in the attorney’s skill and expertise. No, you’re not OJ trying on gloves with a million dollar defense team. At the same time, you want a divorce lawyer who is competent to represent your interests. Here are some general questions you can ask to help identify the divorce attorney that you can successfully work with-

  1. What is your current caseload and can you take on another case?
  2. What is your ideal client or divorce situation?
  3. Do you practice other types of law? If so, explain your experience in family law.
  4. Do you employ other parenting or financial experts? When? Who?
  5. Share your thoughts on mediation and other alternatives.
  6. How many of your cases settle? Describe your settlement strategies.
  7. How would you define a successful divorce?
  8. Will you be handling my case personally, or another associate?
  9. What are your rates?

The complimentary consult is not your opportunity to glean free legal advice. You don’t work for free, and you shouldn’t expect others to. Don’t be that person. You are interviewing a future partner or team member in your divorce, so stay focused by asking yourself if you can work with this divorce lawyer and if you feel comfortable doing so.

Fees and Disclosures

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Divorce Taxes

One of the biggest overlooked issues when couples divorce are the taxes related to marital property. Whether you are comparing a Roth IRA to a traditional IRA, or furniture to the equity in a rental property, taxes can be a major consideration. While a lot of courts don’t have the time nor expertise in speculating on future taxable events, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be aware of the implications.

WCG (formerly Watson CPA Group) has several tax professionals and CPAs who can help model various scenarios for you. We don’t mind giving you bad news- it is what it is. However, we don’t want you to be surprised by it or feel helpless.