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Tax Patrol Services

Posted January 9, 2021

Tax Patrol is a wonderful tax service for those who don’t need all the business advisory bells and whistles, but from time to time want some love from an experienced tax consultant and business advisor. Have a quick tax question? Need to know the depreciation rules as you buy that new car? Wondering what your April tax bill is going to be in August? Tax Patrol is like ski patrol… you might not use it, but you sleep better knowing you have it.

A la Carte* Keystone Copper Breck
Individual Tax Return Prep (Form 1040, joint filing) $500 to $700 Yes Yes
Business Entity Tax Return Prep (Form 1065, 1120, 1120S) $800 to $1,000 Yes Yes
Tax Planning, Tax Projection Worksheets $350 to $500 Yes Yes Yes
Estimated Tax Payments Calcs Included Yes Yes Yes
IRS Audit Defense NA Yes Yes Yes
Complimentary Quick Chats (CQC) $250 to $500 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Annual Fee $1,080 $1,500 $1,980
Monthly Fee $90 $125 $165
(prorated based on onboarding date)

With our Tax Patrol Services, we can provide basic tax advice through complimentary quick chats. We also include one annual tax planning event. However, we cannot provide consultation where we assist you in making a decision based on our recommendation (see Vail, Telluride and Aspen below). Additionally, the following activities are considered out of scope and might incur a separate fee-

  • handling IRS or state notices for matters that WCG was not originally engaged to perform,
  • payroll audits beyond simply providing an Excel file of the payroll details,
  • verification letters for mortgage loans,
  • postage and delivery beyond simple letters,
  • financial planning or investment advice,
  • QuickBooks or other accounting software setup or training,
  • annual corporate governance such as filings, resolutions and meetings,
  • reviewing legal documents such as Operating Agreements, Shareholder Agreements, contracts, etc.,
  • extensive coordination with attorneys and financial advisors,
  • scenario based tax planning such as selling rentals, business interests, installment sales, etc.,
  • specific research on uncommon or irregular tax matters extending beyond one hour (unless Aspen plan), and
  • new employee setups, terminations, employment verifications, mailing W-2s, correcting 1099s.

If we believe the requested service is outside of scope and not included in the Tax Patrol Services, we will have that awkward conversation with you ahead of time so an agreement can be reached. We will never do work and then bill you without an estimate of time from us and approval from you.

If you need more comprehensive business advisory services and consultation, please review our Fee Info page for our Vail, Telluride and Aspen plans.

WCG is a full service consultation and tax preparation firm, and we look forward to working with you!