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tax return extensionTax Return Extension Request

We have received your tax return extension request, and we will review shortly. If we did not prepare your prior year tax returns, we need a copy of the federal tax return (Form 1040) and any state tax returns uploaded to your client portal. Please don’t hold back! We need all the pages… even the ones that don’t look like much. You can use the Client Portal button below.

If everything is in order, here are the next steps-

1. Your tax return extensions will be electronically filed within 24-36 hours. We will send you an email and text alert.

2. About 2-3 days following the filing of your extension, you will receive acceptance emails from the IRS and states (if applicable). Please check your junk folder. Most states will honor the IRS extension as their own, and therefore you will not always receive an email from the state.

3. Extensions only extend the filing of your tax returns. Therefore if there is any tax liability associated with your eventual tax return filings, tax payments are due by the original filing deadline of the tax return. If we have determined a tax payment is necessary with your extension, we will advise that separately.


We’ll take the time to sound like your Mother- don’t procrastinate! We are eager to get your tax returns done, and we are all spooled up. So please try to get your tax documentation to us as soon as practical.

All extended business and individual tax returns will be prepared in May or June provided we have everything we need from you. Our turnaround time increases to 12-15 days during the off-season to accommodate for mental breaks and vacations.

Business Entity Tax Returns

As mentioned before, all extended business entity tax returns will be prepared in May or June. As such, if your business entity is a pass-thru entity such as a partnership (Form 1065) or an S Corporation (Form 1120S), then you will be unable to file your individual tax returns by the due date. If you have not done so already, and you would like WCG to also file a tax return extension for your individual tax returns, please use the button below-