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  The Wass Consulting Group (WCG) provides retirement planning services through it's joint venture company named Employee Financial Education Associates (EFEA).

  EFEA delivers Financial Education and Retirement Planning Programs (FE&RPP) to employees of large corporations and non-profit organizations. The principals of EFEA have personally delivered more than 100 of these seminars for major corporate employers over the last five years.

  WCG and EFEA have identified a strong business case for employee financial education programs (refer to our News Release and our related Management Insight Article (PDF Format or DOC Format) for details). Research completed by the National Institute for Personal Finance Employee Education (NIFPEE) at Virginia Tech University suggests a potential return on investment of "at least 3 to 1". These returns are achieved through:

  • Reduced rates of absenteeism
  • Improved productivity, through less work time spent dealing with personal financial matters
  • Improved employee morale
  • Reduced "reluctance or readiness to retire", translating into improved opportunities for junior employees

  EFEA's goal in serving clients is to "Effect Positive Change through Employee Education." The mission of EFEA is to help employers improve shareowner value by partnering with employees to:

  • More effectively meet the challenges of changing markets, business, financial, and personal investing environments.
  • Effect positive change in organizational culture and employee attitudes through employee education, thereby strengthening the employee/employer relationship.
  • Motivate employee actions to address key financial and retirement planning issues through more effective utilization of employer programs and personal resources.

  We carry out this mission by conducting a variety of customized employee education programs including:

  • Investing and Financial Education Programs for employees recently hired.
  • Investing, Financial Education, and Retirement Planning Programs for mid-career and late-career employees.
  • Programs for employees about to retire (voluntarily or involuntarily).
We preserve the integrity and focus of our mission by utilizing a professional and unbiased staff who are compensated exclusively on a fee basis (i.e., not by selling financial products or receiving investment-related commissions or fees).
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