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Brooke Willis, CPA, Tax Supervisor

Brooke graduated from Scurry-Rosser High School in Texas. She had a deep love for horses and the anything outdoors. After high school rodeo, she moved into the college and amateur ranks. Rodeo consumed her life, until she found a new love for training barrel racing horses later in her college years. She still has horses and trains one or two each year to go on with to compete with someone else at a higher level.

Brooke went to college at Tarleton State University in Stephenville Texas. She double majored, and graduated with both degrees by June of 2013 (Accounting and Business Management). She also has a minor in Biology. Originally accounting wasn’t even on her radar as a profession. She was turned away by the rumors of long hours and the boring work (so she thought). She was forced to take some business classes with her career choice, then later forced to take an accounting class and she didn’t hate it. So she took more and it naturally made sense to her. That’s when she decided it was a safe choice and she thought it would translate well to most areas, but then she never left the accounting world! After spending a couple years in the private industry, it got too monotonous and she needed something more challenging.

When Brooke is not working, she is spending time with her husband, two boys, two dogs and two horses. You can find the family on the ranch feeding cows, riding horses, repairing things on the ranch, playing in the shop or playing family games. Brooke also likes to read, listen to podcasts and travel when time allows. Her priority is doing things with the kids while they are young.