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November 2021 Class

Posted Tuesday, November 9, 2021

WCG has been actively recruiting new team members since this summer. We created a bunch of podcasts describing our culture and leadership. We attended numerous career events at University of Colorado – Colorado Springs and Denver University including meetings with Pikes Peak Community College. Oh! Let’s not forget three internal referrals. Nothing is as amazing as a current team member referring another person to join WCG!

The November 2021 Class is impressive! 3 Managers, and 3 Supervisors. Incredible!

Here we go-

Karlee Tiesler, Accounting Services Manager

Karlee comes to us from an internal referral (thanks Megan and Terra). She has over a decade of experience with Accounting Services, and will be our Accounting Services Manager. Karlee is also Advanced QuickBooks Online certified (super duper expert), and in her words, “When not at work, I’m either hunting, golfing, playing volleyball, fishing or reading.”

Karlee will be in our newly opened Mitchell, South Dakota office alongside Terra Plamp and Jen Waldera. Start date November 9.

Jen Waldera, Operations Manager

Jen also comes to us from an internal referral (thanks #2 to Megan and Terra). She has over a decade of experience with administrative functions and operations at another CPA firm. This experience is irreplaceable, and Jen will be our Operations Manager. She, along with Kimber, will keep the trains running on time. Specifically, she will be instrumental in onboarding new clients ensuring the best client experience. Jen will also monitor tax returns and other deliverables, and light fires and rattle cages as necessary in the name of excellent client service.

In Jen’s words, “I grew up in South Dakota where I enjoyed sports, camping, swimming and snowmobiling. In my free time, I enjoy golfing, ATVing, skiing, spending time at Lake Hanson or in the Black Hills of South Dakota.” Jen will be in our newly opened Mitchell, South Dakota office alongside Terra Plamp and Karlee Tiesler. Start date November 9.

Sadie Rigdon, CPA, Tax Supervisor

Sadie does not come to us from an internal referral, but was surgically chosen through a recruiter. Sadie will be a Tax Supervisor at WCG, but with her deep experience and leadership skillset she will transition to Tax Manager quickly (WCG’s Tax Managers are akin to autonomous Junior Partners… we put a lot responsibility on our Tax Managers for sure!).

In Sadie’s words, “I don’t remember what originally drew me to accounting, but I feel like I always knew that’s what I wanted to do. I found I really enjoyed learning tax law. I discovered that I liked helping people and having knowledge that was valuable in real life experiences.

During the summer I like to camp, hike, kayak and travel. For the past two years I have been trying to teach myself to ski. I also enjoy watching hockey. We also enjoy traveling to different breweries and restaurants through our Colorado.” Start date November 9.

Julie Terrell, CPA, Tax Manager

Julie also comes to us from an internal referral (thanks #3 to Michelle). Julie has nearly two decades of experience both in public accounting and industry. She is well-rounded and knows a thing or two about a thing or two, as they say. Julie will add to the current Tax Manager core. In her words, “When I’m not at work, I spend time with my family (that’s just the stage of life we are in right now). What I’d like to do if time allowed is a much bigger list. I enjoy dancing, reading, horse-back riding, snowboarding, traveling, hiking.” Start date November 9.

Mitchell Wade, Accounting Services Supervisor

Mitchell comes to WCG the old fashioned way through Indeed and is joining the Accounting Services team as a Supervisor. He spent the last 14 years at one public accounting firm in Minnesota. In Mitchell’s words, “I have gotten into woodworking and furniture making. Like making “rustic” items. I enjoy hiking, listening to music and playing the guitar.” Start date November 9.

Megan Jeffries, Tax Supervisor (Branch Manager – Englewood)

Megan adds over 7 years of small business consultation and tax preparation experience to the WCG team. She is a well-rounded tax professional by also having strong bookkeeping skills, tax planning expertise and overall business acumen.

She is currently working on her CPA credential and should be wrapped up by summer of 2022. Given her work experience and skillset, Megan is also going to be our Branch Manager for our Englewood office. Start date November 30.

WCG is a full service consultation and tax preparation firm, and we look forward to working with you!