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Track Your Tax File

We have developed a really cool system for you to track the progress of your tax file. Ok- we think it’s cool you might not. Please indulge us-

WCG (formerly Watson CPA Group) did not want to become the likes of mortgage lenders where the status of your tax return was a mystery. We want to continuously communicate to you albeit through our automated system. For example, when your file has been assigned to a member of our team, you get an email with that person’s contact information and his or her supervisor’s contact information.

If we are waiting on tax docs or other information, you will be emailed every 7 days like a robotic stalker. And we can also put in a “don’t ping” date so you are not inundated with emails about a rogue tax doc that you can’t send in for weeks.

So please use this handy program to track your tax file. If you do not know your record number, we can send that again. And of course, we never want you to feel like a number- if you want a real human to tell you these things, please give us a call!

Thanks again!

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