Biz eFile Authorization

This eFile authorization form is for partnership or corporate (business) tax returns. To provide us with eFile authorization for your individual or personal tax returns, please use the button below-

We have created a completely paperless system for authorizing the electronic filing of your Federal and State tax returns for your partnership or corporation. By completing the following Business eFile Authorization form, you are consenting to the electronic signing of Form 8879-PE (partnership), Form 8879-C (C Corp) or Form 8879-S (S Corp) and similar state forms. If you want to review, sign and return the paper forms, please refer to your tax return PDF in your client portal for instructions.

Otherwise, please read the following disclosure, and complete the following items. Thank you!

Warning- If you magically find deductible business expenses after your business tax returns are eFiled and you want to amend, we will smile, nod and say “Sounds great!” But we will also have to charge an additional fee (which usually ranges from $400 to $650). Therefore, please double check your records against your tax returns before authorizing the filing. Better yet! Call us at 719-387-9800 to schedule a tax return review.

Identity Confirmation - Form 8879

Your tax return PDF is assembled in this order-

1. Transmittal Letter (Cover Letter)
2. Invoice
3. Filing Instructions
4. Form 8879 (C, S or PE)
5. Summaries and Comparisons
6. Tax Returns
If you are using Adobe, bookmarks should be available as well. You will need some information from Form 8879 (C, S or PE) to answer the following questions. This PDF was securely emailed to you with the password as the EIN without dashes. And this PDF was also uploaded to your Client Portal.

1. Your gross receipts or income is located on Line 1 of Form 8879 (C, S or PE).

2. The 5-digit business PIN is also located on Form 8879 (C, S or PE), about half way down.

If you need help locating the gross receipts or income, or PIN, please let us know. Again, this is on the first page of your tax return PDF.

Identity Confirmation - Personal Info

To ensure that the person(s) submitting this electronic filing authorization is the person(s) authorized to act as agent on behalf of the corporation or partnership, please complete the following information. Please be confident that your identity and security is our top priority.

Signature - Agent, Officer, Partner

By typing my name below and acting as agent, I attest that I have reviewed the tax returns. Further, I acting as agent am consenting to the electronic submission of the eFile Authorization for Federal, and all State tax returns as applicable, and I acting as agent further authorize the Watson CPA Group as an Electronic Return Originator to electronically file all tax returns.

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The other relationship is more ongoing or bundled, where we complete a service for you but you also want periodic interactions with us. We reach out to you to help plan, review or project various things such as taxes, retirement, education savings and other what-if scenarios. Wow- that is a long sentence, but you get the idea. Conversely, the ball is in our court and we ping you 2-3 times per year, and schedule consultations as necessary.

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Please select the tax year that this electronic filing authorization is associated with.