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Sam Pfennigs Bio

Sam Pfennigs was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and his love for the community and beautiful scenery has kept him here ever since. As a senior in high school, he decided that an accounting career was fit for him based on his desire to help others and solve complex problems. Sam is currently wrapping up his undergraduate studies at The University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, and plans on rolling right into a Master’s program in accounting. He also plans on getting his CPA license as soon as he is qualified to do so… oh… and… right after passing that pesky exam.

Sam has previous experience leading a successful footwear team at Dick’s Sporting Goods, and he is excited to transfer his leadership and problem solving skills acquired at Dick’s to his new accounting profession.

When Sam is not working hard or studying for classes, he enjoys working out and playing basketball as often as he can. He also enjoys spending time outdoors, especially on the lake or in the beautiful Colorado mountains.