Posted July 17, 2019

The Watson CPA Group is always looking for professionals to add to our team. Here are current employment opportunities as of Wednesday, July 17, 2019.

Seasonal Tax Return Preparer Closed
Seasonal Tax Admin Closed
Administrative Assistant Closed
Tax Manager Closed
Tax Senior Closed
Staff Accountant, Permanent Tax Return Preparer Closed

Who We Are

The Watson CPA Group is a small local accounting firm in Colorado Springs who only engages with small business owners (S Corps, Partnerships, PCs) and complex individual tax preparation. We take a consultative approach to our client engagements by offering unlimited consultation and a strong focus on planning. Tax return quality naturally occurs from periodic client interaction throughout the year.

What We Crave

We crave people who are smart, compassionate and hard-working. You need to be an accountant at heart, have a high capacity to learn, and love the work. Make no mistake… we are all driven and motivated at the Watson CPA Group. We unfortunately expect everyone who joins our team to be the same.

Benefits (for full-time employees)

The following benefits are offered by the Watson CPA Group:

  • Group health insurance (we pay for the employee, family and dependents are pre-tax deducted)
  • Group life insurance ($50,000)
  • Short term and long term disability insurance
  • Allowances for out of pocket expenses such as cell phone
  • 401k plan (no matching currently, see expensive new office below)
  • Flexible hours (core is 8:30AM to 4:30PM)
  • Unlimited paid time off for some positions, others are 16 days off annually
  • Work from home available
  • Closed most Fridays mid-April thru mid-August (yup, 3 day weekends during the summer)
  • Small enough where you can make a difference (see our team)
  • Brand new $1.9M, 6,500 square foot standalone office opening October 2019

Job Descriptions and Applications

Click on the buttons below for nauseating job descriptions and hopefully less-nauseating applications. The applications are quickies… 10-15 minutes max, unless you have a lot to say.

Warning! These PDF’s are fillable. Some browsers make you think you are filling them out but when sent to us, they are blank. So… Please download the PDF, open with Adobe, complete, save, ensure success and then send to us.

Sample Interview Questions

Here are some interview questions that we use to get our dialogue going. There are no right or wrong answers of course, but we (and you) need to ensure there is a basis to working together.

accountants careerHuman Resources – Team Interaction
How would you tell a team member that their work product was wrong? Or, not wrong, but could use improvement?

How would you tell a partner that his/her work product is wrong? Or that you have a better idea.

Describe how you interact with a team. Describe your approach to managing a team (other tax pros and admins).

What type of office mates drive you nuts? Love?

What things are important to you in a career or job? What things could you not care less about?

Describe your ideal office atmosphere.

How do you respond to an “equal” reviewing and critiquing your work product?

How do you want to be corrected or critiqued?

Client Interaction
What would you do if a client is lying to you, but you can’t prove it. For example, a mileage log appears fabricated- how would you handle that?

Tell us about a time when you argued with a client and afterwards you were wrong. Same situation, but with another co-worker or team member?

Has a client ever bullied you into a position you were uncomfortable with? Do you have an example? What did you do?

How are you a client / customer advocate?

Do you have an example of where you found a way to say Yes to a client when others said No?

How do you explain to a client that you do not know the answer to their question?

You screwed up. Client found it, and is upset. Shocking since we are humans working in an imperfect world. But… Tell us the progression of the conversation you have with the client.

watson cpa group


Offices are next to Salsa Brava, Lulu’s Yogurt and Back East Bar and Grill on the corner of Briargate and Chapel Hills. Yes, it is very difficult to get anything done (chips and salsa anyone?). Four o’clock knockoffs on Fridays for Back East bread and beer is common. But not too much- can’t screw up our Saturday performance 🙂

Check out our new office building opening October 16 2019-

Thanks for looking!