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Divorce Checklist

Posted Sat, September 15, 2018

Here is a quick list of the necessary steps to have WCG (formerly Watson CPA Group) prepare your divorce financial analysis and reports. After receiving everything we need, our typical turn around time for preliminary reports is 7-10 days. There are always multiple revisions and questions. We will update you with email and text alerts along the way.

The buttons below will take you to checklists, engagement agreements and simple online submit forms for you to seamlessly send your information. This ensures a comprehensive analysis and an economic preparation fee. All submissions are uploaded to your Client Portal within 24 hours for historical safekeeping. You will receive an email and a text alert letting you know we’ve received it. Communication is key! However, we also understand the sensitivity with this type of information- please let us know how we should communicate with you.

WCG (formerly Watson CPA Group) takes the security and safety of your personal information very seriously. Please read our security and privacy procedures.

1. Gather Your Financial Documents

The button below links to a PDF which provides a quick checklist of the items we will need to complete your analysis and provide information for your divorce separation agreement. We cannot emphasize enough that reviewing these checklists will ensure accuracy and completeness.

2. Submit Form

We need basic information about your divorce such as all spouse’s names, addresses, dates of birth, etc. plus the date of marriage. We also need any dependent (children) information. The following online submit form is encrypted for your privacy and will be safely sent to our office.

3. Supplemental Worksheets

For divorcing couples in Colorado, there is a Sworn Financial Affidavit (Form 35.2) which is required for us to prepare your financial reports, and typically the court will need it as well. You can download this in one of two ways- either as a non-fillable PDF or a MS Word template. Use the buttons below depending on your preference.

4. Client Engagement Letter

For divorce financial analysis and supporting reports including divorce mediation require you to print, read and accept the engagement agreement via paper and wet signature. In other words, we do not have an online or electronic submission of these engagements.

5. Send Us Your Financial Information

You can scan and upload to the client portal, fax, mail or take a road trip.

Client Portal

Contact us to receive login instructions to your Client Portal. If you have already chatted with us, you should have received two emails- a welcome email, and another with login instructions. Check your junk folder too.

We receive a notification that you have uploaded files.

Send a File

You can also securely send us your files by using Send A File. Please use your name and a brief description as the file name such as ‘SmithJohn-W2’. These files will be placed in your client portal.

Similar to the client portal, we receive a notification that you sent us files.


855-345-9700 general fax

All faxes will be transferred to your client portal as a PDF. We will email you with the number of pages received, and send a follow-up text.

Mail, Road Trip

Please retain your originals and send/bring copies to:

WCG (formerly Watson CPA Group)

9475 Briar Village Point Suite 325

Colorado Springs CO 80920

6. Fee Payment

We apologize for being a pain. However, a success divorce leaves everyone equally upset and shockingly no one wants to pay the fee for the financial analysis. Therefore a $1,500 retainer must be paid prior to starting- this is usually for couples who are being represented by divorce attorneys. If you preparing your own divorce paperwork and are opting for the $850 flat-rate divorce financial analysis and report preparation which also includes 2 hours of mediation, the full $850 amount must be paid prior to commencing work. Use the button below to make your fee payment with either a credit card or bank draft.

7. Cross 'Gather Divorce Stuff' Off Your Chores List

We understand this is only the beginning. A divorce is a process, not an event. At the same time, sending us your financial information is a chore you can be happy to be done with.

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