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Cherri Hazlett Bio

When Cherri first saw that ad for WCG (formerly Watson CPA Group), she dismissed it as a hoax, since it was right in the middle of tax season. Luckily she responded and joined our team at the height of the season. She was able to jump right in, since she had 8 years of experience working at a previous CPA firm.

Cherri is a jack of all trades, having worked previously in banking, as a real estate agent, and has even owned her own hair salon! She enjoys working with taxes because of the versatility of the industry and she is always learning different aspects of the financial world.

Away from the office, Cherri enjoys traveling with her husband and an occasional round of golf. Her family is all here in town with the exception of her daughter who is in the Navy (so proud!). She enjoys reading, working out in the yard, and having her 4-year-old granddaughter over to play.