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New Office Building

Posted August 9, 2019

WCG (formerly Watson CPA Group) recently purchased the land occupied by Flying Horse Realty in February of 2018 and closed on the contract in August 2018. We are currently completing the foundation work.

Our facility will be a $1.9M single-user (us!) 6,500 square foot office building configured specifically for WCG (formerly Watson CPA Group), and how we do business. Click here for the PDF of our floorplans… check out Tina’s office! We are essentially building a house that is commercially compliant with a cozy feel. If we are logging 50 hours a week during tax season, why would we want anything else?

Wanna bore yourself? Check out the engineering layout for grading, ADA curb to office access, dumpster location, and blah blah blah.

Some cool things will be a social lounge designed to resemble a coffee house feel for meeting clients in a casual setting or for employees to chillax between tax returns. We will have a classroom large enough for 50 people to assist in the commitment to our one-firm, one-voice concept. No, we won’t be like Google and have nap rooms and other non-sense… but we will have a kegerator (don’t tell Tina… she drinks C- anyway… Coors Lite), a pool table, perhaps an old pinball machine… PacMan / Galaga machine? Of course! Ok, ok, we’ll see… but it is nice to dream a bit.

We are also negotiating with Flying Horse Club to provide corporate access for our employees. We will break ground October 1 with an anticipated completion date of August / September of 2019. Seems so far away, but it’ll happen fast. Click on the thumbnails below to expand.