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Lauren Perry, Client Support

Lauren was born in High Point, NC, but being a military brat also moved to Florida and Texas.  She grew up in Raleigh, NC until she was out of high school.  As a kid she enjoyed many activities like watching Disney movies, being outside, playing guitar, singing and skateboarding (Tony Hawk, who?!)

She recently graduated from Florida Atlantic University.  She received her Bachelor of Arts in English with a concentration in writing and rhetoric.  She was also a cheerleader at a couple community colleges in North Carolina. She comes to WCG with a background in debt brokerage and payroll.  She enjoys trying new things and knew she could catch on quick here at WCG.  She knows the importance of building relationships with people, which she finds to be a crucial point in business, no matter the industry.

Lauren is married with five kids.  Yes, five!  She loves anything to do with exercise and teaches Kangoo, a rebound boot exercise.  She still plays guitar, writes music, sings and jumps on her skateboard…still thinking she is Tony Hawk.  Having just moved to Colorado, she is excited to explore.