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"Reevaluating your Business Management Model - Are all of its gears meshing?"
Released:                                                   10/14/2002 (Link to the full document in PDF format)
Location:                                                    Naperville, IL
For additional information contact:                Dr. Daniel C. Kasperski


  Every company or organization has a business management model that describes how it is run, and how it works, whether documented or defacto. Over time, however, elements of the business model, whether the strategy, operating philosophy, business processes, organization structure, or performance measurement & monitoring systems often fall out of step with one another. This article, the first in a series on the topic, reviews the essential parts of a management model, and discusses their various interrelationships. When viewed in this fashion, it becomes obvious how disconnects in any one element can have significant effects on the overall business, and must be dealt with if the business is to survive and thrive.

This article, and those which follow in the series, will help executives:

  • Conceptually frame your own existing management model
  • Evaluate its thoroughness and applicability to your current challenges
  • Gain insights into why your business may be struggling, and
  • See how an effective management model can help chart a course for markedly improved performance.
  Seasoned consultants, like those available at the Wass Consulting Group, can oftentimes point out insights not otherwise apparent, and thereby aid in propelling your business forward.

  For additional information, refer to the complete Management Insight Article titled "Reevaluating your Business Management Model - Are all of its gears meshing?"
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  WCG provides general management consulting services exclusively to executive management. Traditionally employed by Boards of Directors, Chief Executive Officers, and other senior business executives on issues of significant strategic consequence to the business, WCG is fully committed to the business and market success of their clients, as measured by shareholder value.
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  Our services address the unique challenges that executive management and Board members face, including matters of mission, governance, strategy implementation, organization structure, business process transformation and re-engineering, and operational improvement as well as executive search and merger analysis, planning and integration.                        (WCG At-A-Glance)
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