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Wass Consulting Group Joins with Trenkle and Associates
Following a number of high profile cases in both industry and government where culture was identified as a root cause of a variety of problems, the need to reconsider the impact that a company/organization's culture has on its performance has never been greater. To address and help resolve this important issue, the Wass Consulting Group has teamed with Trenkle and Associates of Farmington Hills, Michigan to help our client "improve business results through cultural change".

Managing Backlash to Blackout 
Blackout 2003 will no doubt generate healthy debate leading to important capital investments and attendant system reliability and casualty response improvements. However, the opportunity is ripe for knee-jerk over reactions on the part of government, regulators, and customer advocates, as well as the transmission companies and utilities themselves.

Are all of the Gears Meshing with your Business Management Model?
Is your Business Management Model hitting on all cylinders, or is it a clunker that could use a tune-up or perhaps even a complete overhaul? This article, the first in a series, will help you conceptually frame your own existing management model, evaluate its thoroughness and applicability to your current challenges, gain insights into why your business may be struggling, and see how an effective management model can help chart a course for markedly improved performance.

Hands-On Management Making a Comeback
Executive management teams are evolving from a hands-off laissez faire approach to a much more hands-on, proactive and involved style to survive and prosper. Recent experience shows that in today's increasingly hostile business environment, giving a subordinate enough rope for him to hang himself only ensures that you will hang alongside him when things go wrong.

Securing Business Continuity is more than Disaster Recovery and Emergency Preparedness
In light of recent events, executive management and Boards of Directors should take a more pervasive, end-to-end look at business continuity. Experience shows that business continuity involves much more than emergency preparedness and disaster recovery planning, and that typical enterprises are not well secured.

Finding Top Executive Talent in the Energy Industry Requires Special Search Skills
Increased competition and the accelerated pace of change demand that companies attract, hire and retain the very best executive management talent. Hiring decisions are often the most important decisions an executive makes, and may impact their own success or failure. Search consultants have an obligation to deliver top talent through a disciplined and thorough process.

Briefing Employees on Financial Education and Retirement Planning Makes Sound Business Sense
Studies show that most employees are ill prepared to assume responsibility for retirement needs, exposing both employees and enterprises to adverse and costly impacts. A strong business case supports instituting an ongoing employee financial education and retirement planning program (FE&RPP).

WCG Names Randall Moon Vice President and Managing Consultant
The Wass Consulting Group has named Randall Moon, formerly of SBC/Amertitech, as Vice President and Managing Consultant.

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